Magnetic Idols

 –  Abstract – 


Essay that focuses on anthropology, nature and architecture, with a scientific approach and correlations of historic facts.

The goal of this research was to acquire the knowledge in order to define what’s architecturally healthy for the human being and therefore nail down the roots for my personal development of the concept of Medical Architecture.

This consists of creating a base with a thorough analysis of space, geometry, colours, type of material used; and the relationship between the relative electromagnetic frequency and the dweller. Afterwards, other relative factors were incorporated to form a bigger picture of geo-political factors that determinate life on earth: the quality of the air we breath, the memory of the water we drink, the food we eat, how it’s produced and cooked.

The discordance between different sources bought me to conclude the essay without a solid structure for medical architecture.

Instead, it’s ends with a kind of fragmentation of the scientific approach, due to personal believes and different ways to look at the same thing.



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